Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer in the City

What a blogslacker I am! It has been a few months but I have returned! I'm sitting in children are with their dad for a few weeks due to the visitation schedule change for the summer. I am and have been thinking a lot about friends lately. I know everyone is super busy but I am feeling forgotten about. Mentally, I'm doing pretty well but I do miss my friends. I hope they are finding happiness in their lives with their families and activities. I have this unsettled feeling that I am really irritating to some of them.
SO...things that have changed in the last 3 months: taken up hiking (thank you Katie!) Zumba and more yoga in place of sitting on bum in front of computer. Spending time with the kids at the pool after work nearly each day. Bad for skin, good for psyche. We've already used up 3 cans of sunscreen. Do not care what others may think about my rotundness in a swimsuit...just enjoying the sun, the water and my kids.
Got to experience a raw food/vegan restaurant (thanks Dan!) the other night. It totally blew my expectations. I though, yeah, I'll try it and it might be all right and then we'll have to make a Taco Bell run but I was seriously wrong! The food was delicious and very filling and extremely healthy. I will definitely go back. I felt all sort of cleansed afterward (no bathrooms were harmed in this experience) and uplifted. Very weird way to feel after dinner but good! Am thinking I need to get my hands on a cookbook of that sort....(mom, you would LOVE it.)
Started a blanket for myself and working on a witch costume for a friend. Keeping those hands busy! I am determined to have an excellent week in spite of my job---pray for me (ugh!)

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Kim said...

Kendall you rock!!! Way to have a good attitude when life doesn't go according to the expectations set.

Can you do lunch on Thursday? I have an appt. near the Layton Hills Mall at 12:30, it wll last one hour!